The  Mar-Va Theater Company is comprised of volunteers in the area surrounding Pocomoke City, MD who love participating in live performances. We have 2 large productions annually and smaller scale shows in between. We’re always looking for additional talent and people interested in learning!

Volunteer positions available at the Mar-Va during live shows include:
• Director (a different director is used for each show)
• Assistant Director (not all shows need an assistant director)
• Choreographer (not all shows need choreography)
• Assistant Stage Managers (2 for each show)
• Child Wrangler (watch over child actors during the show and rehearsals)
• Light Board Operator
• Followspot Operators
• Assistant to the Audio Technician
• Dressers (helps actors with costume changes)
• Make-up Artist
• Door Greeters (2 people for each show)
• Ushers (2-4 people for each show)
• Concessions (3 people for each show)
• Ticket Booth (during shows)