What are box office hours?

Our box office is available during the week by appointment only. We are a nonprofit organization ran by volunteers with one paid employee, the executive director. Questions, concerns, etc. can be directed to info@marvatheater.com.

When do doors open for shows?

Doors open 45 minutes in advance for live shows and 30 minutes in advance for movies. (Some exceptions apply.) Occasionally, we open earlier if we are able.

Is it true that movies are only $5?

Yes…we are the home of the $5 movie. (Special movies might be priced differently depending how we are charged.)

Is it true that Rocky Horror Picture Show is played at the Mar-Va annually?

Absolutely! We encourage costumes, singing, dancing, etc. Our price is typically higher for this event because we are charged more. It is held the Friday of the weekend people typically celebrate Halloween at 10 PM.

How much are concessions?

Candy: $2/box
Fountain Drinks: $2/small, $3/medium, $4/large
Red or Blue Powerade & Water: $2/each
Popcorn: $3/small, $5/large

When is the balcony open?

We open the balcony for busy movies. If the downstairs seating is full, the balcony will open.